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Friday, 6 February 2009

High Speed Wheelchairs

No sooner do we get a bunch of aid delivered but we then get requests for more. We were already working on two more batches of tools, sewing machines and computers for livelihood creation programs but yesterday an urgent request for a wheelchair for a boy with polio came into our office.

A couple of emails, a couple of phone calls and not one, but two wheelchairs were sourced, some big cardboard boxes were scrounged from a local furniture shop and the wheelchairs were packaged up, along with some kids clothing ( good padding that fills spare space in the boxes with something useful) and they are now ready for shipment on Tuesday.
A big vote of thanks to Aid to Hospitals Worldwide for supplying the chairs so quickly and to Gary Mills at Tagalog Balikbayan Services for arranging the transportation (plus our friend David for finding some boxes) at such short notice.
And then today another request arrives this time for another set of mechanics tools and some construction tools. It looks like 2009 will be even busier than last year!
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