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Monday, 13 October 2014

Christmas Shopping for Charity

The "C word" doesn't normally get mentioned much in our house before the 1st of December but the adverts have already started on television and  I know that some people like to start their Christmas shopping a lot earlier than me. 
This year why not use your Christmas celebrations as a way to make a difference for somebody in need? And it doesn't have to cost you a penny extra! It really can be as simple as just changing the way that you shop. 
These days many of us choose to do the bulk of our shopping online. It's often quicker and more convenient than spending hours going from shop to shop on the high street. there is a much wider choice and  it can be cheaper too, even with delivery costs to take into account.
Easy Fundraising is a shopping "portal" - a gateway to literally hundreds of your favourite online retailers like Amazon and Argos as well as loads of insurance companies, hotels, holidays and other services. Every time you make a purchase your favourite charity earns commission on what you spend - at NO EXTRA COST to you. What could be better?
WELL THIS COULD BE BETTER: - at the moment Easy Fundraising are offering a promotional scheme. If you sign up to shop this way and support a charity and then refer a friend who does the same - once that friend has raised £10 from their online shopping your charity will get an extra £5 reward.
So don't put off buying all your presents until Christmas Eve - sign up today and get fund-raising the easy way.
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